A Review from the Margins – Landscape Architecture in Canada

Excerpt from A Review From the Margins – Book review by Nina-Marie Lister of Ron Williams’ Landscape Architecture in Canada in Ground Magazine:

“Ron Williams spent 14 years filling a gap— a chasm really—in the story of landscape architecture in Canada. Much of our national identity is tied to our collective interpretation (and memory) of the majesty and power of the landscape, from moun- tains to prairie to boreal forest, and from west to east to north coasts. But these associations are inevitably with the land- scapes of nature and the wild, and rarely are they associated with the human hand and the imagination of design—and thus, the territory of landscape architecture. With no guide to the designed landscapes that shaped the founding of Canada as a nation, and which continue today to shape our emergent culture and our evolving identity, we would have little collective sense of who we are, let alone who we are becoming. Indeed, with more than 80 percent of Canadians living in urban areas within two hours of the U.S. border, we are now an urban nation, and there is no question that the landscapes that shaped us are also the landscapes that must sus- tain us. In this context, Ron Williams’ wide- reaching text is the first critical history of landscape architecture in Canada, and a guide to the past that offers insights for today and questions for tomorrow.”

The full review can be accessed here.