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The Ecological Design Lab was created by Professor Nina-Marie Lister at Ryerson University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning, to test new strategies, develop evidence-based next-generation practices, and find tangible, solutions to sustainability and resilience, as we rethink, remake, reinvent and renew our relationship to nature in the city. Creative, evidence-based thinking, community-collaborative planning and informed, inspired design are composite, requisite criteria for active and informed responses to complex socio-ecological problems.

Designed to stimulate collaboration, the Ecological Design Lab narrows the gap between research, practice and decision-making by maximizing the co-generation of knowledge and facilitating its transfer between researchers, students, citizens, municipal decision-makers and design professionals. As such, the Ecological Design Lab is at once method and tool for learning: it provides a physical and digital dynamic space to support rich and recurring creative interaction, supported within a pedagogical framework, as well as access to data sources, materials and tools required to connect researchers with innovative research,  design and policy outcomes through hands-on, in-person, in situ collaboration.