RU Outside: Ryerson’s Public Realm Strategy

The RU OUTSIDE Strategy will explore the Ryerson campus public realm at a range of scales, highlighting interventions recommended for nodes, streets, and smaller scale spaces that are critical in a comprehensive public realm strategy. This map indicates the route this tour will take, with points of interest indicated in red. Beginnig at the Ted Rogers School of Management, this document will lead you through the major nodes of campus, circling in along the spine of campus, Gould Street. Gould Street serves as an important hub at Ryerson and receives a closer examination.The tour concludes in Ryerson’s very own oasis, St. James Park.

The final report can be viewed here: RU Outside: Ryerson’s Public Realm Strategy.

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Students: Josh Amorim, Abby Beshara, Christine Chea, Bonnie Chen, Emilio Deo Julia Extance, Martha Hadid, Marwa Khedr, Adam Lennie, Sarah Powell, Shamila Shafazand, Justin Tan