Winterscape: A Design Strategy for Ryerson Campus Vitality in Winter

Ryerson University stands proud as a city innovator and builder, and as a visionary and architect of student minds. As part of this proud new future, the University engaged a team of fourth year Urban and Regional Planning students to undertake the Winterscape Study: a design challenge that seeks to find new and unique ways to engage the winter environment. This study offers a chance for the campus to take advantage of the season: to reassess and reconfigure underutilized space, and to develop economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits; and to provide partnership opportunities that would benefit students, faculty, and local residents alike.

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Students: Sana Ahmed, Justin Au Yeung, Tristan Bruce, Salvatore Crimi, Maria G. Doyle, David Ferro, Brandon Hassan, Christian Jattan, Bonita Lee, Richard Tariq Mendis, Raphael Romeral, Trevor Swann