2018 Local Solutions: Eastern Climate Preparedness Conference

April 30 - March 2

The 2018 Local Solutions: Eastern Climate Preparedness Conference is an exciting 3 day event located in New England, USA. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has partnered with Antioch University to explore opportunities to bolster local communities. The event will be held through the Centre of Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience and provide opportunities for many talented individuals to collaborate in an effort to build stakeholder capacity at a local scale.

Keynote speaker Nina-Marie Lister will bring forward captivating imagery and ideas in her segment titled “Designing for Resilience: “Blue and Green” Landscape Infrastructure”. As part of her segment, she provides unique insight related to landscape architecture and ecological design.

Long-term sustainability necessitates an inherent and essential capacity for resilience—the ability to recover from disturbance, to accommodate change, and to function in a state of health. In this sense, sustainability typically means the dynamic balance between social-cultural, economic, and ecological domains of human behavior necessary for humankind’s long-term surviving and thriving. As such, long-term sustainability sits squarely in the domain of human intention and activity—and, thus, design. This should not be confused with managing “the environment” as an object separate from human action, which is ultimately impossible. Instead, the challenge of sustainability is very much one for design, and specifically one of design for resilience.

Be inspired to hear how planners and designers are working collaboratively to provide safe water, food, and shelter; reduce runoff into city streets; accommodate areas prone to flooding and storm surges; rethink parking lots in commercial developments; provide citizens of the world’s cities with more than a sliver of grass in the seam of a sidewalk; restore and heal worn and contaminated sites; and provide joy and economic vitality through green design and infrastructure while achieving transformative resilience.