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A feasibility study to green roof typologies at 105 Bond Street

This paper examines the feasibility of a green roof at the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), located at 105 Bond Street, Toronto. Green roofs have proven benets within the energy-air-stormwater nexus that often translate in direct operating cost savings. With a history of prior proposals, SURP is well positioned both ideologically and practically for the implementation of a green roof. Ryerson University is also undergoing a period of vertical growth which will dramatically increase visibility on existing heritage structures like 105 Bond. Ultimately, this paper proposes a semi-intensive green roof split across the building’s upper and lower tiers. Over time the School of Urban and Regional Planning will continue to develop its robust culture of custodianship among faculty, students, and alumni to allow for the long-term health of the green roof and reduced on-going maintenance load. The addition of dedicated research beds included on the upper tier of the proposed green roof are another key long-term benet that will produce year-to-year project outcomes.



Team Member

Jack Lawson