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Mainstreaming Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure in Urban Planning Processes

Arleigh Hack, a graduate student in the Master of Planning in Urban Development at Ryerson University and research assistant at the Ecological Design Lab examined the planning and implementation process for wildlife crossing structures in the GTHA through a collaborative project conceived and developed with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority road ecology staff and the EDL. The study contributes practical and actionable research for a more collaborative, effective and streamlined approach to planning and implementing wildlife crossings through an iterative combination of policy analysis, literature review and professional expertise as well as a project specific case study within York Region. The study also contributes knowledge to the incorporation of transdisciplinary action research and design thinking to the practice and research of landscape connectivity and road ecology through its transdisciplinary and iterative methodology. A conceptual framework was adapted based on existing thinking on sustainable landscape planning and design thinking processes to guide the study and to provide a framework that can be replicated or adapted for similar studies in the future.




Toronto & Region Conservation Authority

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Arleigh Hack