Safe Passage

Towards an Integrated Planning Approach to Landscape Connectivity

Enhancing landscape connectivity is an interdisciplinary socio-ecological challenge that is not in the mandate of any single agency. Although the infrastructural design solutions to reducing fragmentation are known to work, there is an urgent need for a coordinated, integrated approach to planning and design for widespread sustainable implementation of these infrastructures. 

This Safe Passages partnership is structured around a working group of academics and partner organizations including: community leaders in urban and landscape planning and conservation working alongside professional planners, landscape architects, ecologists, and sustainability and policy experts to generate material results for public exhibition, policy stimulus, and civic dialogue.

This partnership advances an integrated approach for the sustainable planning, design, and implementation of crossing infrastructure and improved landscape connectivity to: (re)connect landscapes for the safe passage of humans and wildlife; reach predominantly urban populations by bringing landscape connectivity issues to the urban scale; and improve our contemporary relationship with wildlife across urbanizing landscapes through innovative planning and design.


2015 - ongoing


Toronto Zoo, Evergreen, Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, Toronto, Miistakis Institute, ARC Solutions, The City of Edmonton, McGill University