Ryerson University stands proud as a city innovator and builder, and a visionary and architect of student minds. To complement the school’s promising future and continue to propel its reputation as an agent of innovation, Ryerson University engaged a team of fourth year Urban and Regional Planning students to undertake a winterscape study.  The students were tasked with rethinking the existing design of the campus and to seek new and unique ways to engage the winter environment. This study offers a vision of how the campus could reassess and reconfigure underutilized space, develop economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits, and to provide partnership opportunities that would benefit students, faculty, and local residents alike.




Toronto Metropolitan University

Team Members

Bonita Lee, Brandon Hassan, Christian Jattan, David Ferro, Justin Au Yeung, Maria G. Doyle, Raphael Romeral, Richard Tariq Mendis, Salvatore Crimi, Sana Ahmed, Trevor Swann, Tristan Bruce