You Are Here:

Planning Ryerson’s Future

You Are Here addresses the Ryerson Master Plan’s disconnection from the Ryerson University community. This project invited community members to read about and reflect on the Master Plan and its principles by providing accessible, attractive tools that are written with a diverse, non-professional audience in mind. You Are Here facilitates engagement with community members and brought them into an ongoing conversation about how the University will develop over time.

The You Are Here initiative came out of an intensive discussion about and analysis of the Ryerson Master Plan. Project members collaborated to discover the underlying themes and principles that inform the Plan and developed two campaigns: YOU ARE HERE and Ryerson: Connect to a Better Future. The first utilized the iconic Google pin to mark places and spaces of importance as a talking point through which to celebrate the school’s accomplishments and to communicate the Master Plan.

The Ryerson: Connect to a Better Future campaign centered on  re-thinking the written and graphic language used to communicate the core goals of the Master Plan to a general audience. A principal goal of the You Are Here initiative is to communicate the Master Plan using different mediums in order to make the University’s plans more accessible and engaging for a broad range of audiences.  To accomplish this, the group developed a mini report, card deck, posters, presentation slide deck, website, public exhibition, and interactive play products.




Toronto Metropolitan University

Team Members

Andrew Cohrs, Colin Wolfe, Geordie Gordon, Graham Haines, Lisa Ward-Mather, Maria Bianchi, Rayson Wong, Samira Behrooz