Policy, Biodiversity and the City Webinar

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Fostering biodiversity is a strategy to increase urban resilience. Investigations of how municipal policy can further support biodiversity is central to our work here the Ecological Design Lab. The webinar was moderated by Cherise Burda from TMU City Building, featuring EDL director Nina-Marie Lister, as well as EDL RA Aylise Cooke. During this talk, Cherise, Nina-Marie and Aylise discussed the policy reforms that have occurred across Ontario over the last three years to encourage the naturalization of private yards.

Led by Nina-Marie Lister and a team of interdisciplinary environmentalists, the Ecological Design Lab has supported the reform of 14 Ontario bylaws which further enable biodiversity. There is still much to be done to recognize biodiversity in municipal policy, so that it may be further represented in the  public, private and in-between spaces of the city.


Read Aylise’s MRP on Liminal Ecologies: A Lexicon and Preliminary Inventory of Liminal Ecologies in the City of Toronto