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Liminal Ecologies

A Lexicon and Preliminary Inventory of Liminal Ecologies in the City of Toronto

The existence of liminal ecologies provides an opportunity to reintegrate nature into urban spaces and urban life. Supporting biodiversity and the human nature connection in cities is necessary to mitigate the harms of Global Climate Change. A connection to nature has been linked to environmentally protective behavior and identified as a strategy to grow a more resilient future. Westernized valuation systems of conceptualizing and protecting biodiversity have isolated people from nature. This disconnection from nature disproportionately impacts equity seeking communities in cities.

Considering the geographic and policy landscape of the City of Toronto, this paper will demonstrate the opportunity for liminal ecologies to increase equitable access to nature, foster the human nature connection and support urban biodiversity. A lexicon and preliminary inventory will be proposed to facilitate understanding of liminal ecologies and their potential towards reimagining the city. This work will set the foundation for further investigation of liminal ecologies as a catalyst for cultivating our collective relationship to nature in the City of Toronto.



Team Member

Aylise Cooke