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Cycling in the 6: Winter Wheels, Why or Why Not?

Sarah Giacomantonio and Cameron McCoy will take you on an hour-long journey with their podcast, “Cycling in the 6: Winter Wheels, Why or Why Not?”

This podcast explores winter cycling in Toronto Ontario, covering its history, the policies that impact it as a mode of active transportation, best practices from other cities, how individuals are growing and impacting its culture, and how general members of the public can get involved.

As two avid cyclists, Cam and Sarah wanted to learn from winter cyclists, activists and planners about what is being done and what can be done to improve the experience and associated culture of winter cycling. 

With the help of guest speakers including Nadia Geneva from Stockholm, urban planner and program manager at Moscow cycling NGO let’s bike it; Megan Backus, Halifax, active transportation planner with Halifax Regional Municipality; Matt Pinder, Ottawa, Senior Designer for Alta Planning + Design; Vanessa Cipriani, Toronto, Planning student, winter cyclist; Alex Giao, Dublin, Ryerson alumni, currently PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin; Alessandro Ferrari, Vancouver, mechanic and service manager for Giant Vancouver for the past five years; Kim Fisher, Calgary, former Transportation Education Planner at The City of Calgary. And Chris Drew, Toronto, Land Use Planner Devine Park, Ryerson University Urban and Regional Planning Alumni.

So sit back and enjoy an hour of light hearted, informative and enjoyable conversation with Cam and Sarah – hopefully you’ll learn a bit about what steps both individuals and cities can take to make cycling in the winter more enjoyable and accessible!




Team Members

Sarah Giacomantonio, Cameron McCoy