Wet Infrastructure II:

Building Blue and Green - Governance

The 2nd installment of the Wet Infrastructure series studies the stormwater management governance structure in Toronto and Ontario. The four handbook series seeks to inform, the client City of Toronto, on the design, monitoring, maintenance, and policy considerations for stormwater management. The research addresses the difficulty of integrating blue-green infrastructure within current municipal structures.

Stormwater management is closely connected to the various components of the urban environment: from transportation to waterfront development. Alignment between policies and legislation, actions and interests of all stakeholders at nearly every scale is pivotal to developing effective and resilient stormwater management. The province of Ontario and its municipalities have an opportunity to take a leadership role in climate change adaptation and develop contingency for sever flooding and other water related natural hazards.

The handbook will take a holistic planning approach to the governance of matters relating to the governance of stormwater management. In this process, the handbook will show how Ontario and Toronto’s leadership requires a governance system that is integrated, coherent and accountable. It will outline the challenges and stakeholders behind the overarching issue and take a championed approach to solving the issue. After completing a comprehensive policy analysis, the handbook intends to take a variety of international case studies and apply them to Ontario and Toronto.





Team Members

Andrew Sgro, Cate Flanagan, Christopher Yuen, Grant Mason, Gregg Hanson, Keira Webster, Lara Hintelmann, Trevor Empey